So why is Airbourne Imagery needed?

about_about There are some places that just cannot be reached without either safety issues, time or indeed cost. Airbourne Imagery can prepare, fly, film or photograph, and land in minutes. The work then begins. Photo editing or film editing is then carried out back at base. The cost implications are much lower than employing perssonel to have to prepare their kit, climb, inspect and descend. That is if the area is accessible. We will do the preparation and surveys to make sure it is.

Why do I need an aerial photo?

Your home
You have worked hard either to buy your home or even to renovate it. Why not celebrate it with an aerial image of it.

Your Business
To see your business from the air gives a fantastic different perspective why not have an image of your premises on the wall for guests to see, or to use on your website.

As Your supplier
We can pretty much film or photograph anything, anywhere legal distances permitting. If you have a business requirement please get in contact. We will consider new and exciting projects.

Company Profile

Airbourne Imagery

Founded: 2014
Owner/Operator: Paul Lindup
Certifications: BNUC-S 1024-14-09-03
CAA Permissions: 567

Insurance: Public Liability Insurance via Moonrock Drone Insurance
Areas of expertise: Aerial Home Images, Corporate Images, Surveys , Aerial Filming. Sports and Events both above and on the ground.